War Shots: 2007 IR/CWCC National Competition (NATS)

Captains at the Shoreline

The 2007 NATS was held July 22-27, again at Camp Conron in New York. With 32 captains participating, 16 on each side, and no appreciable difference in the number of units, a fierce fight was expected. The real enemy turned out to be the rain, which washed out the Monday 10AM battle and forced captains to battle in rain slickers with bagged transmitters during the 2pm battle. The rain was also a bad omen for the Allies, who found once again that in an even battle they are no match for the Axis Fleet.

Although the Allies lost every battle of the week, their spirits remained high and many fun points were earned by both sides. Here is how the week went:


Jim Beahm (JB), Lee Donahue (LD) and Don Fisher (DF) took photos and sent them to me to post. The initials in the file names (I took the photos without initials) will tell you who took which photo.

War Shots
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Convoy Photos
Pit and Ship Photos
Banquet Photos

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