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Photos and articles of battles I've attended. A couple are links to other web pages that agreed to post my work before I began writing my own HTML.

The most recent battles are at the top of the list.

2008 NE Spring Regionals
The Allied Fleet was resurgent with two new Class 6 ships plying the waters of Greenbrier State Park during the NE Spring Regionals May 9-11,2008. The weekend also saw the debut of the new Axis flagship, the not quite ready for prime time SMS Ostfriesland.

2007 Nationals
The Axis fleet crushed the Allies once again during the 2007 Nationals at Camp Conron July 22-27, 2007. But not every Axis ship made it home . . .

2006 Fall Regionals
The sound of splintering balsa returned to Greenbrier Lake September 29 - October 1 when the IRCWCC held the 2006 Northeast Fall Regionals.

2006 NATS
22 captains met at Camp Conron in New York for the 2006 National Competition. Take a look.

2006 NE Spring Regionals
A link to photos by Serg posted in the Gallery section of RC-Board.com from the 2006 NorthEast Spring Regionals, held 5-7 May at Greenbrier State Park in Hagerstown, MD.

2005 NE Fall Regionals
The 2005 NorthEast Fall Regionals was held 7-9 October at Greenbrier State Park in Hagerstown, MD. Here are a few photos.

2005 Nationals
2005 Nationals were held at Camp Conron in Pawling, NY July 17-22. I couldn't get away but here are some photos.

2004 NE Fall Regionals
Two photos from the 2004 NE Fall Regionals held at the Super 8 Motel in Joppa, MD. I hope to find more.

2004 Nationals
Ok, I don't know how this happened but I have only one photo and two articles from the 2004 Nationals held in Johnston, RI. So you can click the thumbnail to your left for the photo and click this link for Mike DeMarco's Rookie Article followed by an e-mail reply to Mike with Kevin Plumer's report from 2003 and 2004 NATS.

2004 Spring Regionals
Charlie Stephens and Rick King came up from Florida to tear up some balsa during the 2004 Northeast Spring Regionals. See the photos here.

2003 Fall Regionals
Good times but not many pictures were taken at the 2003 Fall Regionals at Greenbrier. I've added some of the post battle messages from the IR/CWCC Mailing List to make up for the lack of photos.

2003 Fall Maul
Soon after 2003 NATS we tried out a new location up in Pawling, NY for a pick-up battle. Check out the 2003 Fall Maul.

2003 NATS
The Axis Fleet dominated when the 2003 National Competition was held in July at the War Memorial Park in Johnston, RI.

2003 Spring Regionals
2003 NorthEast Spring Regionals was held at Greenbrier. Paul Henry provided these, few, photos.

2002 Fall Regionals
Back to Hagerstown in August for the 2002 NorthEast Fall Regionals. The lake was low but the battling got everyone high.

2002 NATS
The 2002 National Competition was held in July at Greenbrier State Park in Hagerstown, MD.

2001 NATS
The 2001 National Competition was held in July, 2001 in Johnston, Rhode Island. Here are a few photos.

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On May 12-13, 2001 MAG hosted the IR/CWCC 2001 Northeast Spring Regionals held at Greenbrier State Park.
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The IR/CWCC 2000 Northeast Fall Regionals, held October 14 and 15 at Greenbrier State Park.
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Photos from the September 9, 2000 pick-up battle held in Bel Air, Maryland.
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Photos from the 2000 IR/CWCC Nationals held in Bel Air, Maryland in July, 2000.
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Some photos from the 2000 NorthEast Spring Regional Battle held at the Y2K Nationals site in June, 2000.
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Some photos from the 2000 NorthEast Spring Fling held at the Heavenly Waters Park in March, 2000.
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1999 IR/CWCC Nationals held at Lake Junaluska, NC. I spent most of my time battling so there aren't many action shots here.

My Hullbusters article about the action on Thursday of the 1999 IR/CWCC Nationals.

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1998 IR/CWCC Nationals. Many more photos at Joe Kutz' 1998 NATS page.

My Hullbusters article about the action on Wednesday of the 1998 IR/CWCC Nationals.

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Photos from the 1998 Northeast Spring Regionals, including the debut of the Rookie Allied Training Squadron (RATS) in official combat.
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A few photos from the 1997 Northeast Fall Regionals.
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The 1997 Nationals. When I realized I'd rather have fun than win (though winning is fun too!). Click on the photo to read about my conversion to the AXIS. See photos of the action here at Joe Kutz' 1997 NATS page. Photo used with permission of Joe Kutz.
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Photos from my first battle, as an Allied at the 1997 Northeast Spring Regionals. These pictures are posted on Ron Thibault's home page, to return you'll have to use the BACK Command.

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