War Shots: 2008 IR/CWCC NorthEast Spring Regionals

Debut of SMS Ostfriesland

A wet April and early May brought the water levels at Greenbrier State Park up to normal levels for the first time in years, but the wet hills made bringing the ships to and from the pits a challenge into themselves.

Being Spring, the event saw the debut of several new ships on both sides. Don Fisher and Rob Arena both brought new South Dakota class battleships, Chip Volk brought an Iowa, Matt Andrews a new SMS Von der Tann, rookie Chris Briles a SMS Scharnhorst (which didn't catch fire all weekend despite the considerable help he received from Steve Andrews in building it ;-) and I finally got SMS Ostfriesland on the water though not quite fully operational.

Spring Regionals also saw the return of veteran Tim Filemyr who brought out his veteran, stainless steel outfitted, DKM Graf Spee.

Here is some video of the action on Friday taken by Scott Ward:

Photos by Me

NE08Spr_Battle01.jpg NE08Spr_Battle02.jpg NE08Spr_Battle03.jpg NE08Spr_Battle04.jpg NE08Spr_Battle05.jpg NE08Spr_Musashi-vs-NC.jpg
NE08Spr_Ost-Sunk.jpg NE08Spr_Ostfriesland.jpg NE08Spr_VU-01.jpg NE08Spr_VU-02.jpg

Photos by Marty Hayes

NE08SprMH_Battle01.jpg NE08SprMH_Battle02.jpg NE08SprMH_Battle03.jpg NE08SprMH_Battle04.jpg NE08SprMH_Battle05.jpg NE08SprMH_Dons_Mass.jpg
NE08SprMH_Dougs_Colorado.jpg NE08SprMH_Musashi-vs-Missouri.jpg NE08SprMH_Pits.jpg

Photos by Rob Arena

NE08SprRA_Battle01.jpg NE08SprRA_Battle02.jpg NE08SprRA_Battle03.jpg NE08SprRA_Battle04.jpg NE08SprRA_Battle05.jpg NE08SprRA_Battle06.jpg
NE08SprRA_Battle07.jpg NE08SprRA_Battle08.jpg NE08SprRA_Battle09.jpg NE08SprRA_Battle10.jpg NE08SprRA_Battle11.jpg NE08SprRA_Battle12.jpg
NE08SprRA_Battle13.jpg NE08SprRA_Battle14.jpg NE08SprRA_Battle15.jpg NE08SprRA_Battle16.jpg NE08SprRA_Battle17.jpg NE08SprRA_Brandons_VU.jpg
NE08SprRA_Carls-Musashi-01.jpg NE08SprRA_Carls-Musashi-02.jpg NE08SprRA_Martys-NC.jpg NE08SprRA_Mass-Ost_Sunk-01.jpg NE08SprRA_Mass-Ost_Sunk-02.jpg NE08SprRA_Mass-vs-GrafSpee.jpg
NE08SprRA_Mass-vs-Musashi-01.jpg NE08SprRA_Mass-vs-Musashi-02.jpg NE08SprRA_Mass-vs-Scharn.jpg NE08SprRA_MikePs_Suffren.jpg NE08SprRA_Musashi-vs-Mass.jpg NE08SprRA_NC-Recovery.jpg
NE08SprRA_NC-vs-Musashi.jpg NE08SprRA_Robs_Mass.jpg NE08SprRA_VDT-01.jpg NE08SprRA_VDT-02.jpg NE08SprRA_VDT-03-Sunk.jpg NE08SprRA_Yam-vs-Missouri-1.jpg

Photos by Tim Filemyr

NE08SprTF_Captains-01.jpg NE08SprTF_Captains-02.jpg NE08SprTF_Carls-Musashi.jpg NE08SprTF_Mass-vs-Musashi.jpg NE08SprTF_Mass-vs-Yamato.jpg NE08SprTF_Tom's-Ostfriesland-01.jpg
NE08SprTF_Tom's-Ostfriesland-02.jpg NE08SprTF_Tom's-Ostfriesland-03.jpg

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